Choose Jewelleries Fit For The Occasion

Jewelleries are adornments that some of us use in special occasions. Some people even wear some types of jewelleries on a daily basis. Jewellery makers and designers create different types of jewelleries from which we may choose to use in many instances. With so many designs and options, it is important that we choose jewelleries that are fit for the occasion and everyday use.Gold hallmarking mandatory from june 1 gold jewellery purity certification  BIS govt of india | Business News – India TV

In special occasions like weddings, jewelleries are most prominent. If it is your wedding, it is almost needless to say that you need to choose some catchy and really elegant jewelleries. Brides often choose pearl necklaces, earrings and even bracelets buy gold in dubai. Selecting bridal jewelleries may also depend on the kind and style of dress that the bride will wear. If the gown is already fully embellished with exquisite bead work, it is advised that the bride choose to wear simple yet elegant pieces of adornments so that the focus would remain on the dress and also not to look too busy or overly embellished. The jewellery to choose for a wedding may also depend on the theme of the wedding event. Suppose if the couple is having a Christian wedding, the bride may wear jewelleries containing symbols used in the religion; cross pendant or earrings or rings engraved with biblical quotations for instance.

When attending formal events, choose jewelleries that are also suitable for the formality of the event. It is ideal to use some average embellishments. Choose items that go well with the color and the design of the dress. Matching jewelleries and outfits will make you look sophisticated and pretty at the same time.

For everyday use, choose simple and casual pieces of adornments. Gold and silver necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. may be worn yet make sure that the designs are not too catchy. Perhaps a thin necklace with simple pendant will do instead of thick and flashy bands of bracelets or necklaces. Too stunning jewels tend to attract too much attention which is not advisable especially if you are commuting. Not only will flashy ornaments distract other people but may also attract offenders.

A man planning to propose marriage to his partner will need to choose an engagement ring for her. Basically, engagement rings are made of round shaped diamonds. Yet buyers of engagement rings are of course at liberty to choose whatever cut of diamond they want, there are heart-shaped, tear-shaped, rectangular, etc. It is even advised that before buying an engagement ring, the man needs to do some research on what his girl prefers for an engagement ring. Such rings are also not limited to just the precious diamond rings. Nowadays there are alternatives to the costly rings such as those made from less expensive birthstones, semi-precious gems and even wood. The main idea is to choose a ring that will be appreciated by the person who will receive it.

If you’re fortunate enough to possess items of highly-priced jewellery, it is vital that these precious jewellery pieces are properly covered by a professional high value home insurance policy, as their value will probably be far more than the absolute maximum insured limits given by an average house contents insurance plan.

Covering your important items of jewellery can be challenging. The majority of regular house contents insurance plans are only ideal for moderate amounts of jewellery, where the maximum covered value is fairly low. The single item limit, on these kinds of insurance plans could be as low as £750 for individual items of jewellery. Whereas an expert high value home insurance policy will offer you cover with no pre-set maximum sum insured or individual item limits.

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