How To Win Soccer Betting

There is a football betting knowledge that a major factor in gaining the long-term benefits is the bets that the punters leave out rather than those they bet on. This means as meaning that if you fail to make an excellent bet, then there is no loss of money ufabet ทางเข้า. But If you place a bet on an unprofitable bet You are certainly putting some dollars down.

Some punters view losing as the first step to success, much like the old saying “before success comes failure”. It’s through learning from the mistakes we have made that we can improve our performance as we will learn to do less of what’s wrong and more of what’s right.

I have the privilege to be acquainted with many of the purchasers of my book as well as readers of my writings on football betting. They had shared their punting concerns and experiences with me, and they offered me permission to share these cases in this piece. I have decided to highlight five of the cases and to make it easier for readers to understand they will be presented in the form of a Question and Answer.


QUESTION : I have thought of a strategy in which I first focus on some teams and then watch for any changes in the odds. For example Team A has opening odds of 2.10 and later the price falls to 1.90. I will conclude that this will mean there is something wrong with Team A, and it’s now believed to have a better chance of winning. How do you feel of this strategy?

Answer A shift in the price may result from the most recent news about the team that bookmakers consider necessary to adjust the odds. It can also be that large amount of money has been positioned on one side on the markets, such as the home team, and bookmakers are required to increase the odds for the away team to attract betting public to wager on it in order to balance their books. In your situation you must determine whether the rate 1.90 1.90 could be of VALUE to you. If it is, then the market’s move should have increased your confidence in your decision.


Q. What I’m going to do is start with a minimum of $5000 and hope to double the bank every year. I’m aware that I have to be diligent in doing my research and analysis, and only bet on bets that I am most confident in. I’ll bet between 2 – 5 bets a week, but never risking more than 3percent of my bank in the initial week, the maximum total stake on the bets is $150. I am confident that the maximum risk is three percent of my money. Do I have a viable plan or am i just fantasizing?

ANSWER : Your plan is attainable, but it will only work if you have discipline and patience especially in implementing money management guidelines on the staking plan and size. The most common error committed by a lot of gamblers is to begin by adhering to precisely laid out rules only to be influenced by factors like impatience and greed. When things are going well the gamblers tend to hop into the bandwagon and diverge from the pre-set guideline and double their stake. If they’re not they get caught in the trap of trying to recoup their losses. You’ve mentioned you’re wagering between 2 and 5 bets per week. Be careful not to make snap decisions just to meet the desired bets. You must have the patience to sit and wait for the betting options that provide you with the most value.


A QUESTION I’ve been betting on accumulators (combo bets or multiple bets) for a long time, and I have not made a dime. In most cases, I can get about 80% – 90% of my predictions right but the odd two bets can ruin it all. I’ve always researched my bets and not betting completely. In a 9 team accumulator, I managed to get eight selections correct, but one wrong result ruined it altogether.

Answer If you are able to accurately forecast between 80% and 90% of the games, then most of your picks are winners. You should easily be making consistently profit if you’ve been betting them separately as SINGLE BETS (that is betting straight on a specific selection to take home). When you lumped all of them together in an accumulator of large amounts an upset outcome can ruin it. It is important to realize that in a match there are many unpredictable events like bad weather, red cards injury, etc. The potential profits for large accumulations are considerably higher than single bets but the chances of winning are significantly lower.


Q. : Should you be looking into arbitrage (or surebets) which guarantee a profit each day that is truly amazing?

Answer : In order to make arbitrage profitable, you’ll require a huge betting account to begin with as you have to open accounts with a variety of bookmakers and make the required deposit into every account. A lot of time is required to check what odds are offered by the various bookmakers. While arbitrage betting is seen as risk-free, occasionally there are a few annoying TRIPS especially when you’ve placed your bet on one side of the arbitrage betting and you cannot bet on the other side because :

The odds have changed

*The bookmakers place limitations on trading and you cannot place bets that are as high as you’d like

* the bookmakers won’t accept the payment on the claim that it was a mistake


QUESTION : I normally check the bookmakers’ odds before I make my bets. However, my best friend and I disagree that this is the right option to take.

ANSWER I’m with your most trusted friend. Don’t be enticed to check out the odds before you make a decision because it can affect your judgement and decision making. First, you must find the best bet and work out your estimated odds. You’ll THEN check the bookmakers’ prices and bet ONLY when you see the value.


I’m sure we’ve all taken something away from the above punting cases. Learn to be a winner and you will be the winner. It is an ongoing process. Do not be impatient and hope to earn your fortune in a matter of minutes in the event that you know something which majority of the gamblers don’t or you are exceptionally lucky. Do add this virtue called patience in your gambling strategy. It can be very beneficial.


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