Number Of Ways Instagram Can Be Use To Assist You In Business Promotion

With the recent launch of Android last year, Instagram has seen a steady increase in popularity as social media. It’s a simple way for fans to communicate with their favorite celebs and brands, in addition to their own followers and friends. Information from Instagram’s press page shows that there are 1,000 comments and 8,500 likes every second, and its 100,000 monthly members are sharing 40 million images every day.

As a company in the business world, having Instagram included in your social networking cache can be a huge boost in forming connections between your brand and your customers. You can utilize it as a platform to introduce new products or to promote your existing ones to your customers buy instagram views.

There are numerous ways you can use Instagram to assist in the promotion of your business to increase the loyalty of your customers and get more attention for your brand:

Photo Contests

If you’re looking to experience a quick spike number of Instagram followers Instagram, holding a contest is the way to go about it. The key, though, to keeping those followers is to increase engagement. You can offer prizes of your own products and ask followers to post photos of themselves that is tagged with a unique hash tag or the company’s name.

Start a contest, and provide prizes that match your company. It is important to highlight your own products and not the products of someone else’s. So, while you could definitely see a huge rise in traffic if you offer an iPad as prize, you’ll only see a small number of followers.

If you’re a jewelry designer who designs custom pieces Offer one of your pieces in exchange for a prize. To enter the contest, request followers to upload pictures of themselves sporting their favorite accessory. Remember, the goal is to build a strong community of followers, not give away expensive gifts.

Photo-a-Day Engagement

A trend that has grown in popularity on Instagram is called the “Photo-a-Day” Challenge. Many bloggers and businesses will create lists and then post them at the beginning of the month. This is a way to encourage followers to post new images each day. It is easy to find examples of these daily photos lists online for inspiration. You can also tie a contest in with these challenges to create more attention for your business.

Unique Hashtags

Twitter has used hashtags for a long time to help users to locate tweets that have a particular subject. Instagram also uses hashtags in similar fashion. They allow users to take part in contests, and for businesses to find the entries. Find hashtags that are compatible with your business as well as any contests. You can get the top popular hashtags on sites such as

Cross Promote

Once you’ve set up an Instagram account, it is an ideal idea to link your other social media accounts to it too. In this case, connecting to your Facebook account and Twitter allows your images to be uploaded to those accounts in a timely manner. This will result in increased visibility and more engagement from users.


Instagram is a great way for businesses to have a quick way to personalize their branding. It provides users with an insider’s view of their most loved brands and stars. Apart from photos of your products take advantage of this platform to provide your customers an insight at how you run your business. If your company is operating from your home office, post pictures of your work space, your cat included. If you’re a bigger firm with a brick-and-mortar office and a physical location, take some photos of your employees working. Let your viewers get an insider’s view of how your business operates, and you’ll be able to build more of a connection.

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